Did You Find Fleas in Your Pet's Bed?

Turn to us for flea treatment services in Los Angeles, CA

You love your furry family members, but they can bring unwelcome visitors into your home. Fleas aren't the kind of guests you want showing up at dinner time. If you have a flea problem, turn to Harvey's Pest Control for flea control services in Los Angeles, CA. We offer a 60-day guarantee for our flea treatment services, so you can rest assured there won't be any fleas left in your home.

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Handling your flea infestation with care

A thorough treatment process is essential if you want to eliminate the pests from your home. That's why our flea treatment service may include:

  • Spraying your interior to coat surfaces
  • Steaming to eliminate fleas in the air
  • Dusting to coat every nook and cranny

Our thorough flea control services are designed to tackle nuisance pests in every part of your home. Rely on our experts for flea services.